Did You Know?

Honey bee populations are disappearing, endangering the all-natural foods they help pollinate, an amazing one-third of all the food we eat. It is called Bee Colony Collapse Disorder and it could endanger the world food supply.

The honeybee decline, which is affecting domesticated and wild bee populations around the world, is mostly the result of diseases spread as a result of mites and other parasites as well as the spraying of crops with pesticides.

Our Products

Jar of HoneyOur honey is 100% organic and pure, just like the bees made it. Nothing is ever added. We extract our honey with the minimal straining, never applying heat so as to preserve all the natural enzymes, antimicrobial properties and microbial quality. Our beekeeping operations are done exclusively by members of our family and of course by the bees. We bottle honey and put labels on jars by hand.

Our organic honey is available in two different sizes:

  •   8 oz. jar
  • 12 oz. jar